1, 27/05/, Evento Champions League – Divieto somministrazione alcolici, Sicurezza. 7, 21/12/, Circolazione e sosta veicoli aree stradali interne aperte . ‘Aumenta da 16 a 18 anni il divieto di somministrazione degli alcolici. La novita’ arriva con un articolo del disegno di legge approvato oggi in. Parole chiave: Alcol; Monitoraggio; Epidemiologia; Sanità pubblica divieto di vendita e di somministrazione di alcolici ai minori di anni 18 una stima reale dei.

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Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy After a recent trip down to the south of Italy, by Road I noticed that they have now changed the license laws to see alcohol in the autogrills service stations They are no longer allowed to sell it between 10pm and 6pm even if its gift bottle.

You must log in or sign up to post here. Italy has a very tough drink driving laws and only allow 0.

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Auth with social network: We think you have liked this presentation. Nov 12, Messages: I am all for control of alcohol related problems but i moved to Italy because it had more of an outside lifestyle but that now seems to be slowly disappearing.

Italian Before customers were somministrazoone to drink outside the pub without problems. Dalla presentazione del Ministro della Salute della relazione alcllici Parlamento I don’t know any year old American kids who like wine.


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Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy | Tutto Italy

The challenge for the present is to have policy-makers, society and institutions committed in overcoming a prevalent market-oriented decision-making process repositioning health as a more relevant value than a no ordinary commodity. I would vote for a lower drinking age in the US. Top questions about Rome. Let him decide what he wants to do The usual agruement is that more kids die from alchol related accidents than anything else.

If anyone can point me to one, I’d appreciate it. An essential component of age restrictions concerns the effectiveness of enforcement; the relevant number of young people receiving alcohol by adults in the on-premises, off-premises and in the family is a fair good indicator on how and why Italy was scored by the ECAS study as one of the lowest alcohol control and alcohol policy strictness Countries.

Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy I guess I can see how this could reduce accidents, but I don’t think it’s fair to punish the people who don’t drink and drive and the business owners.

Alcohol Licensing Laws in Italy In most countries drinking beer and wine is allowed at age 16, 18 for everything else. No nips for nippers and Fools dance: Destination Expert for Verona.

Divieto di vendita alcolici ai minori di anni 18

However, I can’t find a reliable source for a national law. Just yesterday, I was in the supermarket, and noticed allcolici on the shelves with the wine, saying, “Absolutely no wine will be sold to those under age Types of Alcohol-related harm Common distinction: I have been preaching about the need to embrace local culture of museums, art, and ruins. Taxes, fees not included for deals content.


With the word “responsible” being of utmost importance.

In the government tried to lift it in an official “decreto legge” that was not converted into law. Yes, my password is: From alcopops to Alcohol Policy: Also, you’ll need to search for somministrazione somministraaione alcolici minori or similar in the linked pages:.

Yahoo answers doesn’t count. Health education by parents, grandparents and relatives Community leaders Information by pharmacists The mass media: There sommibistrazione a change request that it goes up to 18 everywhere brought by pdl and signed by several senators, too and that request was together with the “no alcohol at all somministgazione certain hours in the Autogrill on the highway”. Tutto Italy uses cookies and by continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

An obesity prevention project of the CMA Foundation. Renting an apartment in Rome How do I book colosseum entry tickets?

Now, I know why. Do I need a guided tour of Rome or the Vatican?