Encyclopaedia Arcane – Star Magic is presented under the Open Game and D20 Licences. See page 64 for the text of these licences. All game stats and pages. Encyclopaedia Arcane Star Magic – Mortals look up at the midnight sky and see the stars, eternal and changeless. They have worshipped them. Continuing the Encyclopaedia Arcane series, Star Magic shows wizards, bards and sorcerers alike how to harness the power of the stars themselves.

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Some, the darker ones, are even said to take possession of important figures against their will. The mindset of wizards that pursue this difficult body of knowledge and what these wizards believe to be true about the world is also discussed. This work offers the possibility of energizing your game with a whole new way of thinking about magic.

Encyclopaedia Arcane: Sovereign Magic – Adrian Bott – Google Books

The designer shows some care here in pointing out that the system is not for every player which is elaborated on later. All find their way barred by the guardians of the secret path. The writing style is elegant, poetic, succinct and uncomplicated. You can assign a Constellation to a higher than required spell slot too. Battle Magic – The Eldritch Storm. Constructs – It Is Alive.

Encyclopaedia Arcane Series

A player desiring a wizard or sorcerer character that draws his power from the Stars could certainly do so without this book write it on the character sheet, purchase encycclopaedia few spells with the word star in the title and spend a few skill points on Knowledge: Shamans the Call of the Wild. Join Date Apr Posts 2, This d20 supplement focuses on enchantments.


Tomes and Libraries by Adrian Bott. Strangely, and quite out of left field, I was reminded of this movie as I read parts of Star Magic. Chaos Magic Wild Sorcery.

Divination by August Hahn.

Leave a comment below or join on Twitter. Account Options Sign in. All the secrets of creating life are found within… More.

The Star Magic – Overview discusses the channeling of stars in campaign terms. Such information is not intended solely for the Games Master to use in association magi non-player characters, however. Some other very fine magic items are also provided, including magical lenses that aid in the channeling of Stars. A sourcebook for gaining magic from Libraries and… More.

By understanding these stars and by being able to cast, at least, first level spells the magi can channel magical mgic from the stars.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. The pit trap is with school of magic specialisation. Rather than learning spells as such the magi learn and study stars.

Again, the class is balanced with a diverse selection of class abilities spread throughout the ten levels but a little more information on how to use them in a roleplaying sense might have been useful. Ardane slots are used to learn additional Stars or Constellations from earlier odd-numbered levels.

Crossbreeding – Flesh and Blood by Alejandro Melchor. Sovereign Magic – Mastery of the Land is another volume in the Encyclopaedia Arcane series, focusing on the powers of those legendary wizards and sorcerers who overshadow whole tracts of land.

However, there are those for whom this is just the beginning. By understanding these stars and by being able to cast, at least, first level spells the magi can channel magical effects from the stars. Like its predecessors, the page book delves into the mysteries of a specific form of arcane magic; in this case, the magic derived from the Stars maagic the Heavens.


The black and white interior art is excellent in places and just so-so in others; some pieces could appear in any book on magic. The second figure, a large humanoid with a sword, stands with his back to her, allowing her to take notes on his back, on a piece of parchment.

I was wondering whether a dozen interesting sounding names were put together over beer and pizza one night and then thankless writers outsourced to put 64 pages of appropriate material together.

The book offers these places as story hooks and meeting places for Magi characters. The Nomad Shaman is an interesting arcane spellcasters found in the wilderness. This is not a playtest review. As is more typical with the series there are four prestige classes.

Full guidelines are given for the establishment of a sovereign mage’s dominion and the expansion of territory, as well as a complete list of territory spells, the incantations only available to those who have this magical power of governance. Their arcane spellcasting abilities are augmented massively and they become able to cast spells over huge distances, raining down their magic upon the unwary who had thought themselves safe in far-off lands. There is something almost clerical about the nature of Star Magic though the author has avoided healing magic as is appropriate for any type of arcane magic.