Does Sahih Ibn Khuzaimah count as a sahih Hadith or a daif hadith? By admin. In Hadeeth & its Sciences. Aug 10th, 0 Comments. Views. It has both . Ibn Khuzaymah ( h) of Naysâpûr in Central Asia and his book, Kitâb Al- Ṣaḥîḥ, The Authentic Book, is compared with Ibn Ḥibbân ( h) from. Sahih Ibn Khuzaimah Urdu Edition. Published on Saturday, 14 June | Print | | Hits: صحیح ابن خزیمہ.

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Min Mustalah Ibn Khuzaimah Fi I’lalihi al-Hadith Fi Sahihihi

Never see Ash’ariyyah in the same light, ever again! Read khuxaimah first articlethe second articlethe third articlethe fourth articlethe fifth article. The Ash’arites of today are amongst the most intellectually confused, bewildered and ignorant of people when speaking matters of creed, this is a result of not truly grasping the fact that their theology is based upon the language terminology and rational proof that originated with the Sabean star and idol-worshipping pagan disbelievers, the proof of huduth al-ajsaam origination of bodies through the presence of attributes and actions within them.

This was brought into the Ummah by al-Ja’d bin Dirham and then the Jahmiyyah.

This is why they denied Allaah has speech and khuxaimah Allaah took Ibraahim as a friend and that Allaah spoke to Moses direct and that Allah is above His Throne and that Allaah will be seen with the vision of the eyes and so on. The Mu’tazilah Qadariyyah then took up this proof and championed it, and put the Ummah to trial on the issue of the Qur’an.

This proof was taken wholesale from the Mu’tazilah by Abu Bakr al- Baqillani d. It was also taken up by the Raafidah and the Hanafi Karraamiyyahwho were led to Khuzaiman by way of it. When the later Ash’arites began to finally perceive the flaws in this proof and that it can be used to argue for the eternity of the universe just as equally, they tried to conceal this vulnerability by incorporating other proofs, such as the proof of tarkib and the proof of takhsis – both of which ironically come from the Philosophers themselves.


So a hybridization between Kalaam and Falsafah took place.

And a result of this was that many of these later Ash’arites became bewildered and confused and they began to concur with the Mu’tazilah in their views, and knuzaimah you get right down to the crux of the matter, after thorough investigation, it becomes clear that the only attributes the Ash’arites really affirm are existence wujoodlife hayatand knowledge ilm.

The others, like hearing sam’seeing basrwish iraadahpower qudrah and speech Kalaam – are all problematic in relation to kuhzaimah proof of huduth al-ajsaam, and so they invented new terms such as “ta’alluqaat” the connection, association between these attributes and how they relate to the Creation, in order to answer and remove the problems that arose for them.

And for this reason you will see them playing with words, definitions and juggling around trying to make it all fit together, and all of it is mere sophistry and a mirage. There are many fake, pseudo-intellectual Jahmite Ash’aristhe scholars and students of knowledge amongst them, khusaimah likewise the common riff-raff parading around on the blogs, forums and the likes, thinking that these types of expressions from the Salaf are a refutation of what the Salaf, Ahl al-Sunnah affirm that Allaah has actions tied to His will and power af’aal ikhtiyaariyyah, sifaat fi’liyyahbut this is simply from their utter confusion and bewilderment because they’ve been smoking that Sabean Kalaam of al-ajsaam and al-a’raad and huduth al-ajsaam which toasted their brains, as a result of which they cannot distinguish between the sayings of the various factions, and as a result of which they earn enormities for themselves, by continuing to slander other Muslims with what they are free and innocent of.

And in this the Jahmite Ash’ariswho deny Allaah’s chosen actions did not distinguish betweem a Allaah performing an action which He never performed before such as ordering the Angels to prostrate to Aadam after creating Aadam and b Allaah acquiring an attribute He never possessed before.


As for the former, then Allaah is the doer of whatever He wills, with actions established with His essence, and this is the view of Ahl al-Sunnah and the Imaams of the Salaf, and this is what khuzamiah Jahmiyyah and Mu’tazilah denied as a result of which the battle raged between them and Ahl al-Sunnah before the Ash’arites were even known as a faction by or so years.

And as for the acquisition of attributes sifaat this is the saying of the Karraamiyyah who permit the occurrence khzuaimah hawaadith events in Allaah’s essence, meaning the acquisition of attributes that He never had before.

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Min Mustalah Ibn Khuzaimah Fi I’lalihi al-Hadith Fi Sahihihi

Introduction al- jism al- ‘arad Hulul al-hawaadith al-tarkib. Ibn Hajr al-Asqalani and the Ash’aris 5. Regarding Qaadee Abu Bakr al-Baqillani 9. Atomism and Hudooth ul-Ajsaam: Imaams of the Later Ash’aris: Aristotelians Anonymous – Detox and Support Program 2.

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